AABLE Bike Lane Width Measuring Project Status Update: 7.25.16

Regarding the Auditing Albuquerque Bike Lane Effort (AABLE), it’s early and BB’s expecting some reinforcements with the bike lane width counting soon <taps fingers upon table in impatient manner>. Still, after a slow personal start (hard to measure bike lanes when you’re backpacking), below is a screenshot of the effort as of July 25:


To repeat earlier instructions, it’s so, so easy (it’s like the Shamwow of bike infrastructure inventory collection!):

  1. Bring a camera (because you won’t remember the measurements, trust me) and tape measure;
  2. Find Street/cross-street location not found above;
  3. Take photo of street/cross-street (see #1 above about memory);
  4. Take photo of measurement at pavement crack between bike lane and gutter, measured from middle of the bike lane stripe (the stripe between bike lane and buffer or driving lane);
  5. If a bike lane buffer exist, make the tape measure really long and extend/measure from the middle of the driving lane side buffer stripe.
  6. Take photos home and put them in a table as above (note: I’ve started adding speed limit data, although that can be done afterwards via Streetview);
  7. Send the table to Scot.

Oh, you’re saying you want pictures of what this looks like in practice? Here are a few examples:


Example #1, Photo of Street/Cross-Street: In this case, the newly wondrous intersection of Coal and Washington



Example #2, Bike Lane Measurement: The amazing ten-feet plus of Coal at Washington, we’ll deduct the buffer width from this 122 inch total.



Example #3, Buffer Measurement: We’re calling this 26 inches from mid-point of driving lane stripe to this buffer stripe, again at Coal and Washington.



Example #4: They all aren’t as wondrous and wonderful as Coal and Washington. Here’s Candelaria eastbound just east of I-25. More about this far from adequate bike/ped situation in an upcoming blogpost. Great sidewalk, huh? And did I mention the speed limit is 40 mph here with this skinny-ass “bike lane”? As I said, more to come…

Hope to see figures from you soon. Probably the ideal spot to hit first would be the far North, both East and West, as BB doesn’t make it up there very often. Any and all help, most appreciated!


3 thoughts on “AABLE Bike Lane Width Measuring Project Status Update: 7.25.16

  1. […] BBTUT had read of this situation via 311/SeeClickFix, and yup, that newish bike lane is nowhere near up to standard. We also had a chance to measure the right driving lane (while dodging a few cars) and it’s 12-feet wide. This would make this striping a double fail, as 10.5 feet is now standard, even on streets such as Rio Grande Blvd. with bus traffic. In short, we gotta steal at least 1.5 feet from the driving lane(s) and give it back to the southbound bike lane (it measured at 44 inches prior to restriping in Better Burque’s Bike Lane Measurement Project). […]


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