Photos of 2nd Street Improvements, Rio Bravo to Valle Del Oro NWR

The project to improve 2nd Street S.W. from Rio Bravo Blvd. south to Valle del Oro National Wildlife Refuge is ongoing, and here’s a photo or two taken this morning of how the work is currently unfolding.

valle del oro 2nd st mup construction
A wide multi-use paved path on the east side of 2nd is in the works, here shown just south of South Diversion Channel across from Mountain View Elementary School. I didn’t ride much further south, as 2nd St. is a tad skinny (i.e., dangerous) between the orange cones at present.
valle del oro 2nd st equipment
Looking back north we see a garbage/recycling truck filling up the skinny lane on 2nd, while the heavy equipment smooths out the multi-use path. 
2nd at prosperity
Further north at Prosperity S.W. we see initial work toward extending the multi-use paved path that has been in place south of Prosperity for a year or so. The MUP will now go to Rio Bravo Blvd., roughly .75 miles north of this intersection. Note: Be careful when cycling/walking (or driving for that matter) anywhere near this intersection; between drivers, trains and lots of abruptly ending pathway, this is a doozy at present.
2nd and shirk
Right now, work appears focused on the east side of 2nd Street, with west side work, such as seen here at 2nd and Shirk Lane S.W., only having the ADA ramps installed. The full curb/sidewalk work should be forthcoming (i.e., no ramps to nowhere).
valle del oro mups
More information, including cross-sections like these can be found at the BernCo
Second Street SW Corridor Improvement Project webpage


3 thoughts on “Photos of 2nd Street Improvements, Rio Bravo to Valle Del Oro NWR

  1. The City’s interactive bicycle map page ( has jumped the gun on this project, showing the multi-use path as complete. So, this needs to be corrected until the new trail is complete and ready for service. Also, what was the condition of the South Diversion Channel path? I rode it in mid June, to go check on the path to VdO, since the map was showing that, and there was A LOT of storm-runoff debris along parts of the SDC trail. At one grade-level crossing, the dirt/gravel had just about buried a bollard collar, I think at Prosperity. A real hazard. I meant to go back and photograph it but didn’t manage before my trip.


  2. Ed: Thanks for the catch on the bike map v. reality. My ride today did not go under 2nd St. (common dirt/gravel debris area) and I can only report the Prosperity at SDC crossing was pretty much debris-free. There is a very strange metal “bollard” sticking out of where a real bollard should go, but the debris was minimal. Don’t know about the crossing at Murray south of Prosperity. I’ll try to get in touch with the online bike map/GIS folks tomorrow. -Scot


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