ABQ Street Car Advertisement, 1915

In continuing to research history of Albuquerque’s electric trolley/street car 1905-1928, perhaps the biggest “aha” aside from the obvious “cars killed it” angle is the very, very non-public ownership of the street car. Above is a fairly typical ad of the street car period from the ad/newspaper-prolific George Roslington and folks from “City Electric.” “City… Read More ABQ Street Car Advertisement, 1915

ABQ’s Street Car and That Hill East From Downtown

Recent thoughts about cycling/e-cycling up the hill from Downtown to I-25 and points east have me looking back through some research I’ve been doing on the Albuquerque Street Car/Trolley 1905-1928. My favorite newspaper find so far is a February 16, 1911 Albuquerque Morning Journal depiction of the very first run of the “Highlands” line. While… Read More ABQ’s Street Car and That Hill East From Downtown