Bike Lanes and Economic Development

The nagging and generally unanswered question: “What is the economic impact of bike lanes?” is one of several important topics covered in a significantly thorough multi-year study by the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation. The just-released study focuses on two roadways: Bloor Street, **where the City installed 2.4km of parking-protected bike lane, and Danford Avenue,… Read More Bike Lanes and Economic Development

Bear Canyon Arroyo Trail: It’s Great Until It’s Not

Had the nicest “Ride Through Hellish Bike Infrastructure” experience just the other day with the two folks unprofessionally photographed below, Margie Davis founder of ABQ’s Cycling Peeps and Charlie Otto, former brewery master and long-time world bike tourist. The ride, taken generally through the northeast part of town really wasn’t that Hellish, except in the… Read More Bear Canyon Arroyo Trail: It’s Great Until It’s Not