Burque (and KOB-TV) Needs Better Neighborhood Identification

Here’s the headline from KOB-TV: South Valley SWAT Standoff Ends With Felon in Custody

Here’s where this standoff took place:


Notice all the references to “San Jose” and “East San Jose” in this area? This is the San Jose neighborhood, not the “South Valley.” San Jose, aka “East San Jose,” has been around about as long as has Burque. It is a fabulously unique area that also had the misfortune to experience today’s SWAT standoff.

But it’s not the “South Valley.”

Increased neighborhood identification and self-sufficiency is an important step in making Burque Better. KOB could help in a small way by being more precise in defining neighborhoods. Sure, as a South Valley resident myself, it would also help my neighborhood “rep” to not have it mentioned every damn time there’s a SWAT standoff anywhere in the SW quadrant of ABQ South of I-40 and West of I-25.

Little things can mean a lot. For instance, notice we can’t even decide whether to call the mapped area above “San Jose” or “East San Jose.” As we decrease driving through increased local, neighborhood offerings, let’s keep this name stuff in mind.



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