And The First, Kinda-Sorta, “Best of Burque Award” Goes to: a Hawk and a Hacksaw/Guild Cinema

Better Burque isn’t planning a full-blown “Best of Burque” where readers can submit their choice for things like, “Best Rug Cleaner in Burque,” but when we get a chance to experience ABQ at its best, we need to point it out.

Last night, a Hawk and a Hacksaw, Burque band made real, real good, performed an interpretative film score to Serjei Parajanov’s “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” at our wonderful, and only, real movie theater, Guild Cinema.  It was the confluence of so many great things about our town, including a full house for the 8:15 performance. The Eastern European-inspired music, mystical, near-Dadaesque film-making, the eternally inspiring artistic excitement of Guild’s owner Keif Henley…all together on a unseasonably chilly May Tuesday night in our little ‘ol neck of the woods. Wonderful.

I was there in the back row, beside a couple who, rather inexplicably, left 30 minutes into the show. I guess some folks just can’t handle the Best of Burque. Hope you were there, and stayed, for either of the two performances.

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