Seattle Transit: Where Not Just the Grass is Greener (Money, Taxes, Taxes, Service)

King County’s (Seattle) Metro transit budget was $1.4B in 2015-2016. Yeah, that’s a “B.” ABQ Ride’s is around $40M in a given year (both including all services). What do you get for $1.36 Billion more?

Well, for one thing you get pretty graphs of things like on-time performance:


True, even for $1.4B you evidently don’t get consistent achievement of 80% on-time performance goals.

Why is the bus “always” late, everywhere, and how is “on-time” not necessarily on-time, $40M or $1.4B? More on that to come. Until then, you can gaze upon oodles of additional pretty graphs at the Metro website. Or look at “my” old bus schedule, the #21 from West Seattle to downtown. Yes, it really runs up to only 2-3 minutes apart during rush hour and has service until 12:30 a.m. on weekdays. You get that for $1.4B, too.

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