Sexy New Burque Bike Lane Measurement Pics: Hubba-Hubcap

It’s off to a slow start, but, dammit, we’re gonna measure the width of every single ABQ bike lane in coming weeks, months, years, eons. You too can join the “AABLE” effort, measurement details found here at a recent Duke City Fix posting.

Below are some hot, as in it was damn hot standing on the street taking them, photos showing the measuring process at work. Another riding day, another three, four or five new measuring spots…

And speaking of sexy, sorta, there is a certain similarly self-conscious aspect to standing with a tape measure on a busy street. I won’t call it exhibitionist, but it’s a bit strange and curious to ponder what passing motorists are thinking. It’s also interesting to note how one feels different measuring the very same street/bike lanes one rides every day. It’s seems less safe until you remember that you’re riding on the same exact surface, next to these same 3,000-4,000 pound zooming objects all the time. Funny how the mind works…

And now, on to the pics/measurement! Please send me any measurements you take…and thanks!

Location: 8th S.W. and Barelas Ct. (near Bosque Path north of Bridge Blvd.)


Measurement: 48 inches



Location: The lovely, wonderful new lane/buffer/diverting signage at Coal and 2nd downtown. IMG_0990


Measurement Bike Lane + Buffer: We’ll call this 120 inches (that’s 10 amazing feet for those metric types out there)IMG_0991


Measurement By Section 60 inches each, i.e., 60 inches of bike lane and 60 inches of buffer. Good job CABQ!IMG_0992


Location: Coal and Spruce (near Roosevelt Park), or, as  I call it: “Right Cross-a-Rama,” from all those impatient drivers who turn right on Spruce right in front of the cyclist.  IMG_0993
Measurement: 44 inches. Not quite the proffered four-feet here.


Location: University Blvd. south of Sunport near Car Rental Return facility.IMG_0997


Measurement: 63 inches. It gets a bit tough here as the surface is seamlessly concrete throughout, right up to the curb face. Still, it’s nice and wide (not to mention the parallel asphalt MUP right next door).



Certainly more to come. Have a great weekend, everybody, whether you’re out there measuring bike lanes or not.

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