AABLE Status Report, 7.29.16: Cue the Marching Band!


(Update 7.30.16: If you were planning on measuring Comanche and/or Morris this “holiday” weekend, don’t bother…both are extensively taken care of. I’ll have an updated spreadsheet up in the next day or so – Scot)

The first weekend of July is “4th of July Weekend.” The first weekend of September is “Labor Day Weekend.” The first week of August in the United States is simply “A Weekend.” *Let’s change that, here in Albuquerque to: “Measure Bike Lane Weekend!”

I’m thinking parades, gunfire at dusk and midnight, you know, the typical accouterments of any American holiday. And ceremonial tape measures, decorated to reflect originality, one’s personality and a strong loyalty to the nation and bike lanes.

All we need is a song (e.g., “Battle Hymn of the Bike Lane”), a weekend-long sale “event” at Home Depot (on tape measures, naturally), and we’re set.

Okay, maybe the concept needs a bit of work. Still, there’s a weekend a’ comin’, meaning an excellent chance for you, you and especially YOU to help add to the 27 data points covered so far in our (note pronoun) Auditing Albuquerque Bike Lane Effort (AABLE). Your humble blogster was aable, so to speak, to get to a few more streets this week (Carlisle, Washington and the always nerve-wracking Gibson), as seen above.

Still plenty of seats available, as they say, particularly in the far northern corners of our fair city. Those living near intersections like Spain and Tramway are particularly encouraged to paint their tape measure in a highly original style and ride around the neighborhood, being sure to follow the first four rules of AABLE, i.e., Don’t Get Killed Measuring These bike Lanes (DGKMTBL), an acronym I predict will never catch on, anywhere.

Regardless of how you celebrate this nascent, and sure to be festive, holiday weekend, have a great one. And wave if you’re out there measuring, or wave from your car as you safely amble by others who are doing so.

*Prescient readers have pointed out offline that the upcoming weekend is technically not in August. Who cares? Our national holidays are already riddled with historical inaccuracies. What’s one more?


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