A Short List of Bus Rapid Transit Legal Challenges

pulled plug

Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) continues to “Creep” forward, as Radiohead and many, many cover artists might say, with the latest in a flurry of legal challenges, maneuvers and folderol. Yes, we’ve achieved “folderol” status, folks!

Yesterday, a federal appeals court granted an emergency motion after a City of Albuquerque appeal of the construction injunction (“what’s your function”) put in place after opponents appealed an initial federal ruling that construction could proceed.

You got that?

This leaves us with the wonderfully Orwellian legal finding that “non-destructive, pre-construction” construction can begin, evidently today, as long as it is not destructive…and “pre.” For instance, I believe this blogpost is not in violation of  yesterday’s ruling. But I’m not entirely sure.

Having achieved lofty folderol status, those who have participated and/or closely followed events here in Albuquerque pertaining to ART might get the impression that we are unique in our folderolosity (which WordPress tells me is not really a word..that’s okay, it also tells me “folderol” isn’t a word, either). How is it even possible that such a bewildering combination of controversy and legal machinations could ever, ever take place regarding a bus rapid transit system?

It’s unpossible, right?

Actually no. Following a highly skilled, and highly underpaid “professional” Google search with the terms “brt project halted -albuquerque,” the following “hits” come up. We’ll just point out a few of the 203,000 results indicated:

Yeah, Burque, it turns out we have some ways to go in the Folderol Olympics. That team from New Dehli, for instance, is gonna be really hard to beat. Actually, it’s strangely reassuring to see similar obstacles, opposition and something else beginning with the letter “o” all around the world pertaining to BRT system implementation. Despite how crazy ART has become, and how absolutely bonkers it has made some of us, we’re not alone.

There’s plenty of crazy to go around. Isn’t that reassuring?

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