Another, very small, Step On the March to World Cycling Infrastructure Domination

A few days back BB passed along joyous news concerning a new “Bike Route” sign at the Eastern terminus of the Zuni Road urging cyclists to extend their newfound Zuni bike lane fun up General Chennault Rd. N.E..

Now comes another sign, literal and metaphorical, surely portending the continued slow, yet inexorable cycling takeover of our entire transportation system. Surely so, for look at the change at the Western terminus of the Zuni Road bike (i.e., Coal Blvd. nearing Washington). The photo on the left was taken 9.18.16; the one on the right earlier today, 9.23.16.








Cue the Biking Neil Armstrong folks! This is “one small step….” and all that, most certainly. Yes, there are a few caveats somewhat dampening the revolution depicted above.

  1. It’s a “Share the Road” sign, instead of “Bike May Use Full Lane.”
  2. If you squint hard at my poor photography, you can see the stencil still “says” “Ends” as the bike lane stripe disappears into that seemingly universal intersection ether.
  3. The “Share the Road” sign is yellow and that is so 1998 in signage fashion.

Still, the City of Albuquerque has taken another small step here, and thanks are in order. Is it perfect? No. Is it worth celebrating? Damn straight. In fact, I think we should start the weekend immediately upon my hitting “publish” of this post.

You’re welcome. Have a great weekend!



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