A Pedestrian Safety Message From a Representative of the President-Elect


Not “Slick,” but another spokesperson for the President-Elect: Reince Priebus (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore)

In response to the story of a pedestrian killed last Friday night near the corner of Central Avenue and 86th St. N.W., a comment from “Slick” to the KRQE story online contained the following:

11pm on 86th and central. 80% chance it was a bum 20% chance it was a drunk illegal crossing the street to get to one of those illegal taco trucks that make Central look like Juarez. So in other words. Good news for everyone. And they were drunk so alcohol was a factor.

The “funny” thing is, one could easily believe the above comment came straight from the President-Elect. Poor sentence construction: check. Focus on “illegals”: check. Lack of factual basis (e.g., alcohol): check. Most importantly, pinpointing an “other” who can be blamed, ridiculed and told it’s “good news for everyone” when they are dead/gone: CHECK.

“Slick” is the voice of our soon-to-be-President folks. Slick represents “our country.” Enjoy your week.

2 thoughts on “A Pedestrian Safety Message From a Representative of the President-Elect

  1. mj: Agreed, but “loud” (which I’ll just use as a euphemism for a great many negative terms) is scheduled to be in charge. We in the majority have to be much, much louder, in a far less euphemistic use of the word, than we have been up to now. What forms of constructive, demonstrative action that best entails are still evolving, but they gotta be much more than what has led to this. At best, we’re fighting against 47% of the voting population, or at least a sizably reprehensible chunk. I’m optimistic in that the “enemy without, unites within,” (heck, see how this happened in the first place) but it’s going to entail a degree of ongoing commitment and rebuke that hasn’t been seen in quite a while.


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