Friday Distraction: Basement Films Analogue Spectacular #2

Many film lovers look at the impending weekend as “Oscar’s Weekend,” while a smaller, strange set of film aficionados rather loathe the Oscars, just as they loathe the Grammys and all those other silly awards/awards show.

It is to this smaller, strange set of folks that we note this evening as a chance to dive into a sort of cinema unlikely to be mentioned by Anne Hathaway or Jimmy Whatever Sunday night.

Basement Films is one of those Albuquerque institutions I don’t think about much, and have never joined as a member, but find very reassuring in its existence here.  It’s been around since 1991 as, in the words from its website:

“… a volunteer-run micro-cinema supporting experimental and under-represented forms of media-making through public screenings, performances, workshops, and lectures.”

Why I’ve never become a member of this organization puzzles me, but, like Groucho, I’ve never been much for clubs that would have me as a member, I guess. Anyway, tonight’s Basement Films screens its “Analogue Spectacular #2.” Here’s the lineup:


Any film festival including a Defense Civil Preparedness Agency (DCPA) movie is dreamy in my smaller, strange set of predilections. Besides, with our new President so talkative on the subject of nuclear annihilation, the lessons in such a film might, again, come in handy. More to the point, tonight’ DCPA film entitled “Pollution” fits perfectly in with the pending elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Spectacular begins at 7:00 at the Southwest Film Center in UNM’s Student Union Building. Join me and the smaller, strange set of folks in attendance and we can watch our scared history as it becomes our very near, very scary future.

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