Here’s an A.R.T. Everybody Can Like: Animas River Trail

I don’t know the timeframes for its construction segments, but in addition to being an enjoyable multi-use path, Durango’s Animas River Trail is a compelling argument for concrete over asphalt. Yes, the wily, experienced cyclist does feel a tiny bit odd riding what very much looks like a sidewalk…


But it’s such a smooth sidewalk, for miles, compared with the obviously older asphalt A.R.T. sections. Truly like riding on a brand-new, yet to be opened road before the cars mess it up. The smoothness had me wanting to take a few sections of path home to ABQ with me; I have just the place for it:

el pueblo fit

Above looks east at the current junction of the Paseo del Norte and North Diversion Channel trails. There’s supposed to be a long-awaited trail extension east alongside El Pueblo, right in there between that bridge and the barrier along Paseo del Norte, an extension that will take the extremely dangerous train tracks largely out of painful consideration. We’ll see; as mentioned above, it’s supposed to happen.

This Durango concrete sure would look pretty, and smooth, snuggled up between PdN and El Pueblo all the way to Jefferson. Of course, the long view of the Sandias is beautiful, but I think the Animas River makes a slightly better near view than Paseo del Norte:


Your humble, wily and experienced cycling blogger did not try any long-distance rides out of Durango. I just rode up and down the smooth, smooth sidewalk for miles (and some definitely bumpier asphalt sections). If you haven’t had the pleasure, try it out next time you’re up here in Durango.


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