Let’s Play “What’s the Most Dangerous Bike Route in ABQ?”


Update 4.10.17: Compiled results of the poll below, along with incriminating photos of candidates, can be found here. 


  1. Find the Bicycle Routes (“A Linking Street, Where Bikes And Cars Share the Road”) on the online ABQ Bike Map in orange. (By the way if you didn’t already know, the online map is “interactive” in that you can zoom and stuff)
  2. Exclaim your choice for “Most Dangerous” in the comment section below, and why you chose it.
  3. Win fabulous prizes! (hmm…this part might require some thinking on my part)
  4. (Extra Credit) Name your favorite and/or “Least Dangerous” Bike Route
  5. (Special Super-Duper Extra Credit) Name your favorite cycling street which is designated neither Bike Trail, Lane or Route.


Rule Clarification:

  1. After thinking about “fabulous prizes,” I’ve decided to award even more “Extra Credit” as your “fabulous prize.” I’ve taught over 20 years and am overjoyed that students never seem to figure out that “Extra Credit” is kind of a scam.


Enter Early and Often (or at least once, sometime)!


P.S.: I’ve already picked my candidate for “Most Dangerous.” I bet you don’t guess it.



14 thoughts on “Let’s Play “What’s the Most Dangerous Bike Route in ABQ?”

    1. I second you, but only if you are going uphill. I can’t believe it is considered a bike route. I bike down it to get to the Bosque on my ride home, so doing about 30 mph not so bad.


  1. Gibson and I25 heading west at the freeway onramp. Cars getting on the freeway at 50 MPH while you try to cross from the bike lane at the freeway entrance lane back over to Gibson to go under the freeway bridge. I just stop and sit for a minute or two until all the traffic clears before crossing.


  2. Great candidates, folks! I’ll pass along my own candidate shortly, but a few of these are gonna be hard to top. Speaking of hard, I wonder how hard it will be to either: A) Improve them dramatically in terms of cycling safety; or, B) Remove their “Bike Route” designation. More on that in days to come. – Scot


  3. North diversion Channel and Indian School – no underpass. Not bad in the early morning, but trying get across the street in the PM is to.


  4. Before the Paseo Del Norte project, there was no safe way to get from NE Albuquerque to the Bosque trail. Now I’m happy to say the route starting at the new pedesrian bridge at Paseo and I-25 out to and along the Bosque trail is now one of the safest I’ve ridden.


  5. I’m a big fan of getting dumped off right at San Pedro and Menaul. Coming south on San Pedro while approaching one of Albuquerque’s busiest cross roads is a great place for the city to not even leave you a shoulder option while you try to hustle to get over the I-40 bridge.. it’s really a great way to utilize your problem solving skills and creative profanity to help you grow as an individual all while getting some cardio in. Thank you Albuquerque, for helping me build some character.


  6. Having ridden virtually all of the bike paths, bike trails and roadways in this community, I’d lay claim to the short section of El Pueblo, between the North Diversion Channel trail and Jefferson as being one dangerous segment I will always circumnavigate. The why is simple: Not just one but two rail crossings. Perpendicular rail crossings are not so bad but these two, with their acute crossing angles that force a rider into the traffic lane in order to cross the rails at a safer angle make for a couple of treacherous spots. Usually, traffic is not a concern but when it is…


    1. Nuts, I forgot about that one. The new bridge over I-25 means I no longer have to either merge with 70-mph traffic or get off and hike through a tumbleweed field, so that’s good. But they still haven’t fixed that segment along El Pueblo.


  7. Thanks again for all the candidates! By the way, you can see an interpretation of the results of our “contest” and my own contribution for “most dangerous” around 10:30 this morning at BB’s sister blog: http://www.dukecityfix.com/

    I’ll get to posting that here at BB later today as well. Thanks again; enjoy your ride today! – Scot


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