Call for Better Burque Contributions: Bike Tour Edition


This is the view overlooking Peniche, Portugal.

What does this fabulous coastal island panorama have to do with you writing for Better Burque? Well, in approximately 36 days (that’s 864 hours or 51,840 minutes, by the way) Scot can be found somewhere in the seaside tableau above, early in his approximately 50 day attempt to bicycle from Lisbon to Copenhagen while eating as much bread, unpasteurized cheese and cherries as humanly possible.

And you wouldn’t want to force Scot to take a break from gulping cherries (I just picked cherries because they always seem very plentiful, cheap and delicious in Europe) while gazing out upon the shimmering Atlantic Ocean to write a post about transportation infrastructure in EDO or some such nonsense, would you? Not while he listens to the beautiful sound of the boats softly creaking against the docks as the waves serenely caress them in the harbor, surely?

Besides, all that cherry juice would be hell on a laptop keyboard.

So this is where you come in, both before the scene described above, and for all eternity, or at least until you get tired of it or win that first Pulitzer Prize, whichever comes first.

Come write for Better Burque. Contribute in the:

  • Genre or artform of you choice. Long-form non-fiction is particularly encouraged.
  • Political viewpoint or language you wish. Yes, calls for the return of public execution written in Klingon are encouraged. Photo-essays outlining your plan to turn all downtown streets into public gardens are welcome. Prose poems exclaiming City Councilor/School Board Member/Insert Latest Political Job Here Brad Winter as “Eternal Lord of All Lands Within His All-Seeing Eye” are fine, if a bit disturbing.
  • Frequency that allows for collecting prestigious awards while meeting the demands of your busy personal life and need to binge-watch “My Favorite Martian” while drinking gallons and gallons of tax-free sugary drinks.

In sum, anything goes, as long as it the piece has something to do with making Albuquerque better. And, yes, satire makes everything better, including Burque.

You don’t need to wait 36 days, 51,840 minutes or even 3,110,400 seconds to start or continue your Better Burque contributing career. Contact Scot at a gmail address including betterburque, or get in touch via FB or Twitter. Or, if you’ve submitted before, just do that voodoo that you do so well, and voila! (as the unpasteurized cheese-eating French people will exclaim to me as I ride past on my way from Lisbon to Copenhagen).

Before you know it, you’re on the way to that Pulitzer and I’m winding my way to Porto, Vigo, Oviedo, Bilbao, Nantes, Strasbourg, etc., etc., etc.. As “Eternal Lord” Brad Winter might irritatingly say, “a win/win all around.” Just visualizing Mr. Winter saying that, dressed in Eternal Lord garb, has me hankering for Peniche and a few thousands cherries to guzzle right this second.

Hope to hear from you soon. Wish you were here, and all that.




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