Administrative Matters: The April 2017 GABAC Meeting Summary

by Scot

Long story that I’ll avoid telling now to give you more time to look at the meeting summary. Shorter story is that because our local “Greater Albuquerque Bicycle Advisory Committee” hasn’t had a quorum the past two months, we can’t have “official” minutes posted to the “official” City of Albuquerque GABAC webpage.

Doncha just love bureaucracies?

Anyway, here is the April 2017 GABAC Meeting Summary. We’ll be similarly posting a summary of last night’s May meeting as soon as those are produced. While waiting, anxiously, for that, how about joining GABAC (we have four, count ’em, four open positions at present)? Send me an email at betterburque at gmail, and we’ll get you started. gabac april summary

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