Better Burque Flee the Country Trip (BBFtCT) 2017: Pre-boarding

I promise to never again use the acronym in the title above.

As many readers know, Scot is heading out of the country for much of the Summer, kicking off a bicycle tour beginning in Portugal. I leave for Lisbon on the Jet Blue red-eye to JFK leaving midnight tonight.

I’ll be posting here at BB during my trip in a vein somewhat similar to earlier bike tour journals I’ve kept over at Crazy Guy on a Bike. Most, if not all, of those journals start with a photo like this:


Astute readers might recognize the above as a disorganized pile of stuff. This precise pile of stuff needs to go into that green duffel, located photo right. Wish me luck.

Other than that, it’s a morning of making sure to use pencil to fill out emergency info on my new passport, remembering I forgot things that should be added to the pile of stuff, and mentally preparing my back and body for hours and hours of delightful plane travel.

The red-eye gives me the arguable “opportunity” for a full day in New York City, one I currently plan to fill with:

  1. A visit to all three Metropolitan Museum locations, including The Cloisters (gotta love that “A” Train!);
  2. Two, and perhaps three meals of Ethiopian food; and,
  3. Explorations of Brooklyn I’ve never before visited (a set of all things except the Brooklyn Museum).

Then it’s off to Lisbon to pick up a bicycle and all sorts of other things I’ll blab on and on about later in this journal. If you decide to follow along a little or a lot, thanks for doing so. Recommendations and such make wonderful comments to these posts. In particular, I’m keen to hear ideas on places I’ve never been before, including all of Portugal, Spain and southern France.

Aside from mi espalda (that’s “my back” in Spanish…yes I’ve been studying a tiny bit), my body and mind are pretty excited about the adventure to come. In case you don’t already know, the destination is Copenhagen by July 22nd.

A good solid tailwind the entire 3,000 km and I should be able to do it.

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