Tour Days 5 & 6: Coimbra to Praia de Mira to Aveiro

Less prose and more photos today, inadequately capturing two very nice short rides, first downhill to the coast from steep Coimbra, followed by a jaunt amid the dunes along the beach running north to Aveiro.

Here’s the Strava blow-by-blow for each

Day 5

Day 6

And now on to snaps…

IMG_2187The not-quite-high season-scene at Praia de Mira


IMG_2190Dunes separate the Atlantic from this really cool old house in the distance.


IMG_2191I’m just about prepared to urge EVERYONE to start bike touring/visiting Portugal. Absolutely the nicest butcher/grocery owner ever helped me out of this village, including a directly on the street pointing session and the fascinating history behind what “Rua da Barca” means (it’s about boats). Terrific and nice people abound here.


IMG_2195Yup, as the roads get busier toward town (Aveiro), the people devote some space/money to a separated cycletrack.


IMG_2198And also spring for some very nice crossings at busy sections (although there wasn’t a car in sight at the time of my crossing).

IMG_2204And after a “hard” 24 or so miles dawdling along the coast, it’s time for lunch in Alveiro. Tomorrow, it’s a train ride to Braga and a weekend holed up there during a heat wave.

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