Bike Tour: What About the Bike?

Have had a few folks back here at home ask me what I did regarding the bicycle I bought in Lisbon and featured in roughly 2/3rds of the photos I shared here at Better Burque.

A pretty bike, no?

IMG_2645“Frankie Mitts” posing along with Gilles, who runs a fabulous country guest house outside Tarnos, France.

I think I mentioned earlier that I eventually named the bike “Frankie Mitts” in honor of French President Francois Mitterrand, who wasn’t perfect, but importantly (for me) dedicated a bike/ped-friendly bridge in Bordeaux that was eventually named for him.

Anyway, some have asked: What did you do with Frankie?


Above is Frankie with his new cycling cohorts, Karin Loos (center) and other staffers at Netzwerk für traumatisierte Flüchtlinge in Niedersachsen or “Network for traumatized refugees in Lower Saxony, Germany” (NTFN). They provide vital mental health services for some of the approximate 80,000 refugees now living in Niedersachsen, the German state centered in Hannover.

Frankie will serve as “office bike,” used whenever needed by staff and potentially others, including clients. Having ridden Frankie right at 1,327 miles, I’m confident he’ll be up to the task.

Enjoy Frankie, NTFN staff, and keep up the good work!

Meanwhile, wherever you currently reside on the globe, have a great weekend!





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