ABQ Ride Public Meetings Today on Changed/Expanded Service

Hopefully you’re less busy that me, and can attend one of the two ABQ Ride public meetings today outlining proposed service changes, including establishment of a downtown “free zone.”

Specifically, I’m interested in details on this:

“…add a fare-free zone for all routes inbound ending at the Alvarado Transportation Center.”

Having worked in downtown Seattle years back, I saw a free-zone in action up close. I’m intrigued to hear more on how it will work here. There’s also service expansion proposed on several routes, including the #155 that runs way down here in the SV along Coors.

Ignoring the supposedly agreed-upon narrative that “We don’t ride the bus here,” crawling toward the very needed vastly expanded service is at least a crawl in the right direction.

In general.

I’d love to hear more on these specific changes and wish I had as much free time on my hands as you do, oh person going to one of today’s public meetings. Or maybe you have enough time to go to both.


Meanwhile, below is what now constitutes an historical photograph: A Rapid Ride bus going down a pre-ART construction Central near Girard. Yeah, things were really so much better then…



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