“Skittles” at Girard and Silver

The latest in the ongoing war of wits and impatience between road engineers and non-compliant drivers at and around the diverter at Girard and Silver is:


These “lemon Skittles” are evidently designed to further discourage motorists from circumventing the diverter by swerving around it to get on Silver.

Will the Skittles work? Of course, anything short of tanks and highly equipped soldiers would not be 100% effective, but one wonders if flex posts lining the center-line-esque stripes here wouldn’t stand a better chance than the Skittles. That said, we’ve all noticed several “dead soldier” flex posts on MLK and other places around town.

It’s a war out there.

Kudos to City engineers for their latest flanking maneuver; now we wait to see how the “enemy” (i.e., the non-compliant driver) responds. One imagines these Skittles won’t be quite so shiny yellow a few months from now, but we can hope.



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