Denver Goes Defcon 2 For Protected Bike Lanes

Protected bike lanes are definitely the wave of a safer cycling future, but you’ve probably seen quite a few flex posts knocked all to hell here in Albuquerque. So, in Denver, it’s heavy ceramics to the rescue!

larimerplanterpostsPhoto: David Sachs

As reported at Streetsblog Denver, the city’s protected bike lane on busy Larimer Street has been bolstered, heavily so, by large ceramic planters:

The planters are heavy and look like they would necessitate some expensive auto body work if someone drove into one. They send a much stronger signal to drivers that this space is for bicyclists. (They should also show DPW [Denver Public Works] how to save money in the long run, since they’re expected to last longer than the plastic bollards.)

Perhaps most ingenious is that no vegetation or even soil seems to be in the planters, thus obviating the oft-heard opposition that planters mean we have to maintain plant life. A terrific example of less is more, particularly if these jumbo planters are as heavy as they look.

Can’t wait to see these placed alongside the infamous stretches of 4th & 5th in downtown ABQ where bike lanes currently still serve as unpenalized parking spots. Okay, what I really can’t wait to see is the body damage to a car whose driver plows into one of these planters.

Buckle up, make sure your air bags are in good working order, and ride safe, everybody!


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