The Work on Girard Isn’t, Yet, What You Think it Is

At first glance, it might appear that Girard Blvd. is having its skinny bike lane fixed, but that job is, at least for now, not the reason for the lane closure northbound.

IMG_3429Girard Looking South, 11.5.17

While the infamous skinny lane is now covered in a thin layer of construction-related dirt, the work at present looks to be exclusively improved curbs and driveways along this northbound stretch. Looking through the online schematics for this section from the Girard Complete Streets Project website, I don’t see any mention of curb/driveway work, but, then again, I’m not very adept at looking through such schematics.

We’ll see if the removal of that layer of construction dirt is lifted along with the skinny lane striping. If anyone from Albuquerque Department of Municipal Development wants to chime in with further details and time frames, please do.

IMG_3428Girard at Constitution, 11.5.17

Meanwhile, in a manner of speaking ala A.R.T. construction, one might construe the entire northbound lane of Girard as de facto bike lane, a spacious, if thin layer of dirt covered, thirteen or so feet. At least for a while.

Enjoy, cyclists!


One thought on “The Work on Girard Isn’t, Yet, What You Think it Is

  1. I am guessing it’s just an extension of the largely useless attempt at ADA compliance throughout the neighborhood. They have been using huge amounts of man-power, dollars and cement for the last several months decreasing the angle of the curb-cuts microscopically. If you include the actual top of the curb, I think it probably does technically comply with ADA at 4 feet, but shit. They are still just useless sidewalks that no one uses because they are far too narrow for all the frequent curb-cuts, and often have posts sitting in the middle of them. If someone in wheelchair were to actually try to navigate the sidewalk, they would almost certainly tip over.

    What they should have done is take a foot from the street-width and add it to the sidewalk. Win-win, with a narrower street slowing cut-through cars down, and also making the sidewalks usable.

    This appears to be happening all over town, as the city scrambles not to lose federal funding Spending a lot to do the bare minimum, largely useless (except keeping the fed dollars coming, and some utility mitigation) work.

    It does look like they are adding a cut in front of Jefferson right before the lane narrows and the bike lane vanishes, so the 11 year olds have a chance at escape to the school before the killing zone. So there’s that.


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