Stop Bad Video: Call For BB Contributors

green up close and personal

How would you like to do your part to make Burque Better, while also helping BB readers avoid seeing woeful videos such as that still-framed above?

Scot could lie and tell you he shot the video stilled above intentionally, desiring to show interested readers the new San Pedro median cycle track “up-close and personal,” but it really looks this way, for 14 nauseatingly up-close seconds, because Scot couldn’t figure out a way to navigate getting through the cycle track while holding his $49 camera with 15 fps video capability in any position other than this.

Scot’s videographic patheticness is just one of many reasons why you, yes YOU should consider contributing your written and visual work to Better Burque. These include:

  1. Better Burque readership has never been higher and it’s not a lie to say that plenty of real non-bot Albuquerque humans will read/see what you have to say.
  2. While BB is doing a fairly decent job of covering how we can make Burque Better in terms of “active transportation,” there are plenty of other vital areas to Burque improvement, e.g., planning & economic development, just sitting there untapped, waiting for you to swoop in and tell/show us all about it.
  3. Contributing is easy and diversity of thought wholly encouraged. Everybody sounding and, especially, looking like something Scot would write/display is not only boring but antithetical to making Burque Better.
  4. “It don’t cost nothing,” to quote Bluto Blutarsky from “Animal House.” Nor will you have to fill out those stupid self-employment 1099 tax forms, as you will not be paid.
  5. Videographers are especially encouraged, to the point that Scot will spring for the additional money WordPress extracts from accounts to have video access.
  6. Contributing could not be easier. Just send an email to Scot at jscotkey @ (insert largest email domain you can possibly think of here), and we’ll “hook you up” and you will soon be “lit” (okay, Scot will stop pathetically trying to sound “hip” now).

Only you can stop bad video, while also informing and enlightening Better Burque readers! Contribute today and forever, as often or as infrequently as you wish! Although often would be better.

Hope to hear from you soon. Meanwhile, if you’re strangely interested in seeing 14 seconds of up-close and personal San Pedro cycletrack while Scot navigates it with his cheapie camera, check out BB’s Facebook presence.


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