Having Time to Think About “The White Album” and Much Else at Edith and MLK

When you’re riding a bike on Edith Blvd. waiting for the light to change at MLK, you get a *long, long, long time to take in the view. Especially when there are no cars around.


You have time to notice things, such as how worn and faded the “kermit” has gotten in the little green box front and left. This one:


At one point, many of us in the cycling community thought this, now, faded green box was supposed to allow riders who pass over it to initiate the intersection light sequencing, thus changing the long, long, long red light here to green. We’ve since learned that, uh, no, it doesn’t do that; it simply lengthens the crossing time at the intersection, which is kinda strange as those on bikes almost never take as long as those walking across intersections.

Or something like that. It’s all a bit of a mystery, really.

What is not a mystery is:

  1. Legally crossing or turning left into MLK from Edith often takes a long, long, long time, even for those driving vehicles. Crazy long. Like “Yeah, go ahead and run the red light, whatever” long.
  2. That kermit sure is faded. I guess having cars sit over that green dripping oil and other lubricants while they wait a long, long, long time for the light to change does that.

It would definitely have been a better use of my time this morning somehow cleaning and freshening up that kermit instead of taking pictures and thinking of the Beatles while sitting at this light a long, long, long time this morning.

Next time. There will definitely be a next long, long, long time.


*As you probably know, Beatles songs by the original band are perhaps the most closely guarded/scrubbed tunes on interwebs. These links are covers. They’re okay, but not George Harrison, in my humble opinion.

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