In Search of Albuquerque’s Fabled Northwest Passage

The Rio Grande, hemmed in by modernity

The best bike rides are purposeless – “What happens if we turn here?”

Thus the Better Burque team found itself behind the Walmart at Ouray and Coors yesterday morning, wondering what might happen if we turned onto Alamogordo Drive and pushed north into the great unknown.

It turns out that with a bit of persistence and a few nice linking trails, we stumbled into a beautiful route along the rim of the West Mesa, with only a little bit of dirt made up for by some of the city’s rarest views of the Rio Grande (see above), and a southwestern sort of Boo Radley house. (Notes for those following along: Scot was riding skinny tires and did fine on the dirt bits, and the part where Scot and John rode their bikes up the flood control channel is not advised, especially in monsoon season. Ditches are deadly and all.)

2 thoughts on “In Search of Albuquerque’s Fabled Northwest Passage

  1. […] Ah yes, it’s the intersection of Mirandela/Winter Haven and Montaño between the River and Coors Boulevard! You’ve very possibly encountered this little death trap if you’ve ever tried to go north/south east of Coors on the Westside (because who in their right mind would cycle or walk on Coors, bike lane or no?). In particular, if you’re a regular BB reader, you’ll recall that both Mirandela going north from Bosque School and Winter Haven north of Montaño are important segments of ABQ’s fabled “Northwest Passage.”  […]


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