Signs of Progress at the Copper and San Mateo Bicycle Boulevard Crossing

There are signs of progress in the  city of Albuquerque’s efforts to make the Fair Heights Bicycle Boulevard crossing at San Mateo and Copper actually usable as a Bicycle Boulevard crossing.

Better Burque readers and writers were excited back in January to see the new green paint and signs telling us that the intersection now had bicycle detectors. Finally, a usable crossing of the San Mateo Death Trap!

Sadly, as you’ll see in the comment thread, discussions with the city led to the realization that, while the signs and green paint announcing the presence of bicycle detectors have been installed, the actual bicycle detectors have not. (See here and here and here for John’s Efforts to Figure Out What’s Going on At Copper and San Mateo, a SeeClickFix Drama in Three Acts.)

But I was delighted this morning to see what I interpret to be signs of progress, in the form of dug-up-ness around the traffic signal gizmos!

At Copper and San Mateo, for now you should continue to ignore that green paint and those “cyclists wait here to get a green light” signs that were installed months ago

There is yet hope!

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