No Foolin’: Alameda Drain Trail Construction Begins

One of the best “feel good” Albuquerque area non-motorized transport stories in the past few years has got to be the Alameda Drain Trail Project from I-40 north to the Sandia Pueblo border:

alameda drain project

This project is so good on so many levels:

  1. The route helps to fill a huge gap in safe north/south access in the North Valley;
  2. Coordination, actual bona fide coordination, happened between four, count ’em, four governmental entities: Bernalillo County, City of Albuquerque, the Conservancy District, and AMAFCA;
  3. Physical separation from vehicles along the whole stretch (intersections not included);
  4. The “bike route” that is 2nd Street will become something other than a horror in the minds of cyclists;
  5. Did I mention the governmental coordination? And that the Feds are ponying up a big chunk of the costs?  In particular, as noted in the Master Plan, the following individuals very much deserve to be individually thanked:

Bernalillo County Public Works Division
Nolan Bennett, P.E.
Diane Sholtis, P.E., Project Manager
John Barney
Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District
Mike Hamman, CEO/Chief Engineer
Yasmeen Najmi, Planner
City of Albuquerque
Jason Coffey
Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority
Brad Bingham

Amazing work, everybody! As you may know, Nolan Bennett is now at AMAFCA, having left the County, but we don’t hold that against him.

As for the work beginning, BB admits it can only find confirmation via the following posted to NextDoor, but it appears to come from BernCo directly and NextDoor posts don’t always come from crazy people.

Phase I improvements will begin at Montaño and proceed north to Osuna along the Alameda Drain. Constructed is anticipated to begin on Monday, March 26, 2018 and will continue until the end of the year. During this time, access to the drain will be limited to adjacent properties with sole access off the drain, as our contractor will be preparing the site for the improvements. Temporary closures and extended work times MAY occur. Adjacent property owners will be notified when we anticipate those instances.
The contractor is H.O. Construction and they can be reached at (505) 873-0554. BernCo appreciates the community’s cooperation and patience as we move forward with the first phase of this important project.
If you have any questions, please contact County Project Engineer Diane Sholtis, P.E., at (505) 224-2124 or at
Thank you.

Want more proof of progress, here’s a Request for Bids for engineering work on the City portion of the Project near I-40:

alameda drain project bid

Just as important, the coordination and scope on this project also serves as excellent precedent/template for future large-scale projects (South Diversion Channel, anybody?) involving multiple agencies. No word on exactly when we’ll be walking/riding Phase I, but, after years of good thought and planning, our future Alameda Drain Trail looks like anything but a April Fools’ Day joke.


P.S.: Oh, you tell me you’re skeptical that work has actually begun on the Trail Project because it’s: A: April Fools’ Day; B: Don’t trust Nextdoor; C: Both A and B?

Well, it just so happens Better Burque Official Staff Photographer John Fleck was riding in the area this morning and provides nearly (because, Photoshop) unassailable photographic evidence that work has begun:

alameda drain work photo

Yes, there’s even a sign with proud County Commissioner and big dollars on it! Huzzah!

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