NMDOT and CABQ Propose New Idea to Solve Dangerous PdN @ I-25 Crossing

The New Mexico Department of Transportation and City of Albuquerque are in talks to team up on installation of what would be the very first Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI) signal pattern in New Mexico.

Site of the proposed installation: That nasty, nasty crossing of what becomes the southbound Interstate frontage road from the roadway monstrosity that is Paseo del Norte and I-25:

pdn and i-25

Most dangerous at this crossing (yellow arrows) is “Mr. Car in Red Box,” i.e., motorists turning left, often at speeds often found in roadway monstrosities like PdN and I-25.

It’s a stupid dangerous crossing in a general area of great non-motorized travel unfriendliness, made “funnier” by the fact that this crossing is an important one for cross-town connectivity for all users, and that the PdN job isn’t from some ancient, cars-only, age of traffic engineering, although it sure as hell looks like it.

All that venting aside, NMDOT and CABQ are talking solutions at this crossing, and that talk looks headed to test of a LPI. That’s potentially terrific news, and both agencies are commended for their forward thinking. For those unfamiliar with what is a new idea in the United States, LPIs do this:


New York City has led American efforts to use this treatment, with over 2,500 in place at present. Think of all the places where a LPI might mean that little bit of time distinguishing a safe crossing from an injured/dead pedestrian or cyclist. Personally, MLK @ I-25 is the intersection that first comes to mind, followed by Ouray @ the Coors Blvd. frontage road. Further reflection reveals that there are literally hundreds of places around the area where LPIs would help.

You have to start somewhere. And PdN @ I-25 is a great, and vital, place to start. Here’s to best of luck on this proposal and its performance on the “test.”


Addendum: No post on PdN at I-25 for walkers and those riding bicycles would be complete without mention of the crazy switchback sidewalk created due to the significant grade separation west of the interchange.

You know the one, but perhaps only if you’re one of those who walk or ride around town. It’s “funny” the things you come across when you’re not in a car.

Well, Official Better Burque Staff Photographer John Fleck and I rode through this intersection earlier this week and spotted this large family trying to make their way through the switchbacks:

tumbleweed pedestrians

Albuquerque. Gotta love it.


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