Spring Comes to Albuquerque City/Area Boards & Commissions

It’s taken a long while, but it appears the Mayoral/bureaucratic ice jam which prevented filling the many, many openings in City of (Greater) Albuquerque Board & Commissions has truly begun to thaw:

boards and commissions ice break

Thawing the ice jam means we can also address two long-term shortcomings of these entities:

  1. Government communication in listening/responding to the views and, dare I say it with boards/commissions that have had trouble reaching a quorum in the past few months/years, motions passed by these bodies;
  2. Diversifying membership of the boards to better reflect gender, race, age and other demographics.

If you’re interested in serving, there are still plenty of spaces available and the ice seems to be in full thaw. Here’s a list of Bs&Cs with contact information. Keep in mind listed contacts might be outdated in some cases, but keep trying: it will build those muscles of perseverance and persistence needed in your future board/commission work.

Have a great weekend, everybody! Hold on to something/somebody until the winds, finally, die down.


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