Better Burque Version 2.0: The Difference is You

Having had the fortunate and exciting chance to move around some professional priorities (drawing a pension, however slight, can be a wondrous thing for one’s financial flexibility), Better Burque looks to “raise its game” in passing along news, views and clues (okay, that’s the closest semi-relevant rhyming word I could come up with) regarding transportation issues in the area.

But while I personally carve out a bit more time to matters BB, the only way we’ll really go 2.0 here is if we expand our number of contributors. Yes, I am looking at you.

Staring, actually.

I know it’s impolite to stare, but I also know that there are a growing number of BB readers, and that those readers don’t come here because of my overly long parenthetical-filled prose. They visit to find out what people know and think about transportation issues.

As you’re currently visiting to read this post, there’s a darn good chance you think about such issues, and I’m also betting you probably know at least as much about what’s going on as I do.

Probably more. Perhaps even definitely so.

So contribute to Better Burque and help make our community better informed. Help our community better understand your fantastic ideas to make our city better.

Contributions can be anything from “straight news,” to opinion pieces, to long, wonky minutiae-filled treatises on complex, perplexing things like this new road sign on Girard Blvd. at Lomas Blvd.

girard must yield

Actually, I might be tackling the above, now that I have more time to devote to BB. But even in writing that previous sentence, I realize I still probably won’t, and that’s where you come in.

And you. And you.

The original concept, as it were, for Better Burque was to serve as a meeting place for many to share news and views on anything which would make Burque Better.  Having refined our focus over time more toward transportation, particularly of the non-motorized variety, there remains a very real need for more information and dialogue on these issues, as well as more diversity in viewpoints.

Yours, for example.

If interested, send BB an email. I just about actually have time to check the mail at that address now. Thanks, in advance, for your interest and future contributions.

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