I Rode Coors Boulevard! And Lived!

Today, Official BB Staff Photographer John Fleck and I took an exquisite bike ride through several serene, off-the-beaten track locations in the North Valley and Atrisco.

And, in complete and utter contrast, we cycled the very beaten, and anything but serene, stroad that is Coors Boulevard from south of PdN to St. Joseph’s. Here’s what the southbound terminus of the Coors bike lane looks like at St. Joseph’s:

Coors at St. Joseph's

I’m using a Google Streetview photo instead of the services of BB’s Official Staff Photographer because both he and I were too concerned with mere survival to worry about taking our own photo of this intersection. I’ve put red boxes over the hugely helpful bicycle signage here. The closest one is the dreaded “Bike Lane Ends,” while the other is a Bike Route sign indicating the “Route” as it were, heads right, or west eventually up the Mesa.

As left at this intersection is St. Pius High School, and that this is only one of about 80 billion more reasons to go left instead of right at this intersection, one might wonder why the intersection is signed as it is.

But this is Coors Boulevard, and you’re just trying to stay alive. So you don’t ask questions at the time and just push the beg buttons, etc. to cross Coors, vowing to never, EVER ride this stretch of stroad again.

A vow I plan to keep.

Perhaps there will come a day in which all roadways in our fair city/area are safe for all users at all times. And when that day comes, it will be because we’ve finally fixed the transportation shitshow that is Coors Boulevard.



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