Because We Love Photos: ABQ PACE Bike Share Launch

We asked for them; you can’t get enough of them. Photos!

We at BB couldn’t make the Burque Bike Share 2.0 roll-out shindig Thursday due to the crushing burden of employment. Thus, we sent out an all-call for snaps from the event. A loyal reader came to our rescue and here’s what it looked like:

pace 1
The cycling community shows up for the festivities. We’re good that way.
pace 2
You can’t have a Roll-Out Shindig without a ribbon. I prefer the hugely over-sized ceremonial scissors method of presentation because they always remind me of “The Big Lebowski” dream sequence.
pace 3
This should definitely be the cover of any ABQ bike share publication. The blend of fun, irony and more fun here makes one want to get to a PACE station ASAP.
pace 4
And here’s a station filled with them! Saw a station next to the ABQ Museum last night, but was going to this concert and felt leaving my wife there to go for a ride unwise. I thought about it, though.
pace 5
Someday BB will have a “What Should We Do With Civic Plaza?” Discussion. I feel certain bulldozers will be brought up in our solutions.
pace 6
Ah! A filled bike share station gets our mind off Civic Plaza and back to the Reason for the Roll-out Shindig Season. Hope to see you, me and, perhaps most importantly, many, many tourists riding these babies in coming months. I did hear a first report on how they ride: “Nice and Smooth” was the verdict. “Nothing like a new bike…”

If you like what you see, it’s only a $1 for 30 minutes (and the first ride is free). I don’t see any membership pricing, and, as an utter cheapskate, I do so very much like deeply discounted weekly/monthly rates. If such pricing exists, just drop BB a line.


4 thoughts on “Because We Love Photos: ABQ PACE Bike Share Launch

    1. “Park at any Pace rack or public rack,” according to And in searching for exactly what “public rack” means, I see the Rio Metro mention: “from any public bike rack available throughout the city.” Not a definition of “public rack,” but I think we’re talking any restaurant, shopping center, baseball stadium, or dive bar with a bike rack outside it.


  1. MJH: I think all of those things, even the Windows phone app is “on the drawing board,” and that a a missive to Rio Metro folks would hasten arrival of probably all three. It’s a work in-progress, and you’re right that some more progress is needed (i.e., monthly/annual rates).


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