NUMTOT Reverie on What MLK Blvd Could Be

Do you get sick and tired of seeing tweets like this:


– And have you ever ridden a bicycle up the steeper parts of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard from downtown to UNM and thought…?

– And have you ever seen, or, hopefully not, been involved in a crash at the ridiculously dangerous intersections at MLK and I-25, and thought…?

– And has the thought ever occurred to you that maybe the problem isn’t getting from Point A to Point B, but that we’re always rushing to get there, as if each second of the journey was itself a veritable hell?

– And have you ever hoped that MLK Blvd. looked it does during a MLK Day Parade/March 365 days out of the year?


With half the road filled with folks walking the pavement, and the other half also devoid of motor vehicles?

– And have you ever day-dreamed that the non-walking half of MLK had a funicular operating up/down like the “Ascensor de Lavra” in Lisbon?

Have any of the above ever crossed your mind? Has all of the above, including the thought of riding MLK through Edith Blvd. at 3.7 mph while gently holding on to a strap worn smooth and supple from constant use since 1884?

Just wondering…


(Image atop page courtesy Creative Commons author “BKP”)

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