Son of Suddenly Ending Bike Lanes in Burque (SoSEBLiB)

We’ve so far only scratched the scab-like surface of bad bike infrastructure in our look at suddenly ending bike lanes (SEBLs or “seabulls,” which could be “manatees” but we don’t want to associate languidly graceful oceanic creatures with scab-like bike infrastructure, so “seabulls” it is).

Here are today’s entries in our growing seabull collection. Unfortunately, cataloging them all is gonna take quite a few posts.

washington at lomas southbound
Washington nearing Lomas southbound. Dashed lines because “We care about you cyclists, we really do, until we don’t.”
san pedro nearing lomas southbound
San Pedro nearing Lomas southbound, because why shouldn’t we end some of the best bike lanes in town in the worst way possible?
pan am bike lane
BB reader Biliruben brings up the infamous Pan Am Frontage Rd. two-block orphan bike lane which provides very little comfort given motor vehicles speeds and other factors. This ride always puts the “loon” in riding to Balloon Fiesta Park.
Indian school nearing Rio Grande westbound
Indian School nearing Rio Grande westbound. It’s really a parking lane, although it’s signed near the traffic circle a ways back as bike lane. This confusing and debris-filled mistake just gives up the ghost entirely as we get to the busy Rio Grande intersection.

BB readers, if you want to give us a hand, send in your photos of seabulls (not manatees) for what will unfortunately be a rather long series of such posts.

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