Suddenly Ending Bike Lanes (SEBLs) Chapter III: Starring San Pedro (Again)

If we at Better Burque are going to capture/relate every single Suddenly Ending Bike Lane (SEBL) in the area, we better get on the stick. There’s soooooooooooo many to document! Here’s the latest installment, with a slight emphasis on the Southeastern quadrant of ABQ:

SEBL Eubank at Bell
Euband Blvd. at Bell northbound. Plenty of veritable airport runway width here, but I guess we’ll just have to further risk our life getting to that Home Depot for a bag of nails


SEBL Osuna at Jefferson eastbound
Osuna at Jefferson eastbound. Trust me, the buffered bike lane ends here. To celebrate, the driver of the truck takes over the buffer.


SEBL University approaching Cesar Chavez
University Blvd. approaching Cesar Chavez northbound. A classic SEBL as we get to a busy intersection. Using non-motorized transport/transit to an Isotopes/Lobos game isn’t much of a priority. Parking one’s car is, A lot(s), so to speak.


SEBL Arvada approaching Louisiana Uptown
Arvada (Uptown Area) approaching Louisiana. The Uptown area is essentially an orphanage filled with SEBLs. Taking anything but a car to any of the area’s retail, etc., is hugely discouraged.


SEBL San Pedro approaching Bell
San Pedro might have more SEBLs than any single street in town. Here we on San Pedro northbound approaching Bell. Did you know “Bell” is evidently French for “SEBL”? What makes this SEBL especially galling is that we are cut off just short of reaching Zuni Blvd. with its new “cadillac” bike lane configuration. Stopping the bike lane at Bell reflects older bike infrastructure thinking (take Bell instead of Zuni) prior to the recent work on the busier road.


SEBL San Pedro approaching bridge over I-40
And we close this edition of SEBLs with one of my personal “favorites,” San Pedro northbound approaching the I-40 bridge. Amid all the great buffered lanes, the 50-Mile Activity Loop, the multi-use path in the far right of this shot….amid all that, we suddenly have zip, nada, zero bike infrastructure going northbound over the bridge, one of the few chances to cross I-40 without II-40 on/off-ramps. Grrr….

Got any SEBL contributions? Send ’em in for a chance to win fabulous prizes. Okay, we’re kidding about the prizes.

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