BB Visits a Bike Repair/Manufacturing Shop Right Here in ABQ

A few years back I “taught” (actually they taught me) two amazing young women/sisters, and, as is often the case, I came to find out that the sisters’ parents were amazing as well.

Over the years of giving his kids A+ after A+ on assignments, I came to find out that the father, John Groth, ran a little manufacturing shop that involved work with bicycles. That’s about all I knew/remembered. I do also remember riding bikes with John once, and recall that he toasted me like a bagel on our “leisurely” ride.

Years passed and I recently ran into Mr. Groth at a recent high school graduation-related shindig. He again mentioned his shop, and that he was doing more and more repair of carbon-framed bicycles there. Then, lo and behold, a friend and I were haphazardly riding through the East Central Avenue area days later (investigating highly dangerous crossings of Central) and we happened across John’s shop, Southwest Composite Works, just south of Central on that very bike-friendly street, Moon.

Even on a Sunday morning, the shop was open, and we had the definite pleasure of meeting Edgar Zamora, company production lead, who told us about the firm’s work, including repair on this Trek:

Edgar and Trek
Edgar told us much about this repair, including the fact the repaired area (around the water bottle mounts) would be stronger than new. Then things gone complicated and I can’t remember all he said about why that was. Very impressive, though.

The shop had many such jobs going on, involving work not only on bicycles, but custom cars, etc. My riding buddy and I learned much talking to Edgar, and even considered changing our deep “steel is real” allegiance after hearing Edgar talk about the benefits of going carbon.

We don’t do “advertorial” here at Better Burque, and I am in no way saying you should send all your carbon/composite repair work to Southwest Composite Works. Or that you research American-made carbon bikes for which Southwest Composite Works does sub-contracting.

On the other hand, I am most definitely saying that it is EXTREMELY cool what John Groth, Edgar Zamora and crew are doing at Southwest Composite Works. That we have such a manufacturing facility right here in Burque is almost as amazing as the two daughters John raised.



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