Fall, Rise and Current Fall of Signalization at Monroe and Central

Monroe Street is one of the north/south “President’s Streets” west of San Mateo.  It’s importance for cyclists has grown, as it’s the Fair Heights Bike Boulevard connector between Silver (and the Silver Bike Boulevard) and Copper, as is poorly scrawled in purple (the official Bike Boulevard color) below:

Fair Heights and Stop Sign at Monroe

The Google pin above is the intersection of Monroe and Central, which is the site of a rather puzzling set of construction and deconstruction jobs over the past few months. Here it is, Google reports this as March 2017, looking southbound Monroe across Central:

monroe before kinda

And here is a lovely shot from Official Better Burque Staff Photographer John Fleck looking northbound at a brand-spanking new intersection (fresh Kermit included) back in November 2017:

monroe and central

See that light pole at the northwest corner next to Dion’s? Here’s what that spiffy, light pole and ADA sidewalk-filled street corner looked like this past Sunday (apologies for this shot, but it was not taken by Official Staff Photographer John Fleck):

monroe central sunday

Yeah, those are some pallets covering the hole where the spiffy-new light pole used to be. Despite the poor photographic framing, you can also spot the Stop sign now, once again, employed due to lack of a signal, almost exactly like it looked way back when in March 2017 (with one exception to be addressed below):

monroe before kinda

Okay, I’ll bite: What the HELL is going on at Monroe and Central?

The pallets are a nice touch, but a stop sign instead of a signal makes crossing Central much dicier for everybody, cyclists included, particularly as there’s no “median refuge,” unless you count the ART bus lanes that aren’t really bus lanes yet.

We at Better Burque were at a meeting a few days back in which it was stated “somebody took the light out” on the southwest corner, but taking one more look at the pallets and such, one doesn’t get that impression, unless the speeding, out-of-control driver also had a back-hoe and dug a big hole after “taking the light out.”

monroe central sunday

It’s all a bit of a mystery, one which may be pondered at length while on a bicycle waiting to get the gumption to risk crossing Central in this current configuration.

Meanwhile, apropos of nothing other than I find it funny, here’s another Google Streetview shot taken back in March 2017:

monroe stop boring your way into the center of the Earth

One can see the electrical piping ready for a light pole/signal along with the spiffy-ADA sidewalk, but my eye is definitely drawn to the stop sign evidently warning all comers to stop before boring into the Earth’s Crust at the continually perplexing intersection that is Monroe and Central.

Have a good, long, certainly not boring weekend, everybody!



P.S.: Forgot I had this recent night shot at the same intersection:

one more monroe

Note the “fresh Kermit” isn’t looking too fresh only a few weeks/months after application.


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