More Happy Holiday Non-Motorized News and Views

Pursuant to this morning’s post on the City of Albuquerque Parks & Rec placement of walker/jogger/runner/cyclist counters around town, Better Burque just got back from a ride of North Diversion Channel (NDC) and spotted the following just south of Indian School:

PR bike counter 2
The black pole is like the Monolith in “2001: A Space Oddity,” except that you can actually understand the pole’s function and what it represents, unlike that Monolith…what the Hell was that all about exactly? (and yes we have both read the book and seen the movie)

As BB understands it, five of these poles with adjacent diamond-shape sensor counters have been placed around town. This makes the second that BB has spotted (collect them all!), although the sad fact is that we’ve probably passed all five several times by this point (they went up last October) and are a combination of too blind and too unobservant to have spotted them. Now that we know what they look like, however…

Meanwhile, the scene displayed in the photo above reminds us of even more happy news “word on the street,” namely that governmental movement (like geologic movement, but often slower) seems to be afoot toward building a notch underpass on the NDC at Indian School, just like at Menaul, Candelaria, Comanche, Montgomery, I-25, Osuna…

Yes, you read that right. Finally, “the missing notch” will be a thing of the past. BB knows of no timeframe, and we are talking the geology of bureaucracy here, but maybe by the time the counter above ticks its 1,000,000 non-motorized passer-by we’ll no longer have to crane our necks around to see who’s zooming around that curve on Indian School. You know the one…

My neck feels better just thinking about it.



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