This is Vision Zero Action Weekend in Albuquerque!

Editor’s Note: The post below is by Lee Ann Ratzlaff, community organizer involved in the effort to adopt a Vision Zero traffic safety policy here via the Vision Zero Albuquerque Coalition.

Last year, 379 people died on New Mexico roadways. Although many communities write off these fatalities as an unavoidable consequence of driving, cities which have adopted a Vision Zero (VZ) plan have shown that this is simply untrue.

vz symbol

Vision Zero calls for an end of traffic-related fatalities. We can reduce the number of preventable deaths in Albuquerque by demanding that our city formally adopt a VZ plan informed by the experiences and needs of our residents.

This weekend, June 2-3, Vision Zero Albuquerque (VZABQ) Coalition is calling on all residents to take action! It doesn’t need to be anything momentous, for every small action helps make our streets safer for all road users.

  • If you’re driving, take a pledge to follow the rules of the road:
    • Go the speed limit
    • Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists
    • Watch for motorcyclists
    • Be predictable and use your turn signals
  • Use the 311 app or call the city line (mention VZABQ!) to:
    • Report dangerous road conditions, like potholes or broken glass
    • Report sidewalks in need of repair
    • You can also tweet about an issue, tag CABQ and use #311
  • Walk around your neighborhood
    • Make a “Slow Down!” sign for your yard
    • Take note of non-functioning streetlights (report to PNM)
    • Tell your neighbors about Vision Zero!
  • “Adopt” an intersection
    • Make banners or flags to decorate street signs
    • Use chalk to draw drivers’ attention to crosswalks
    • Write a letter to the mayor or your city councilor or county commissioner
    • Find a template on the Vision Zero ABQ facebook page


  • Make your action public! Take a picture or post a description what you did and use #VisionZeroABQ
  • Follow the Vision Zero Albuquerque facebook page, join the facebook group, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

Together, we can make our city safer for all road users!

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