PACE Bike Share: Making the South Valley YOUR Vacation Destination!

The Burque dock/dockless bike share program PACE kicked off a little over a month ago. Below is a reader-submitted graphic that makes my South Valley heart sing:

pace bike blake and isleta
Mostly stations shown, but there are two “rogue” bikes noted, including one way down yonder. 

The screengrab above is from the PACE app. It shows an available bike at Isleta Blvd. and Blake Rd. in the/my deep South Valley. A bit of further research shows it to be at the Sonic Drive-In there, to be precise. Methinks perhaps an interest in tater tots was involved.

So if you want to ride a bike down in my neck of the woods, there’s one waiting for you. For many readers, it will only be a bus and another bus away. One crazy great thing that might have helped this bike/rider get to far-flung Isleta & Blake is the very cool PACE station at Isleta & Bridge (Dolores Huerta Gateway Park). Check it out!

From Isleta & Blake, the intrepid rider can check out Abuelita’s SV location, or, for the more adventurous, Jerry’s Market almost all the way to I-25 (admit it, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about). At the very least, you have to grab that PACE at the Sonic and ride down to the “Breaking Bad Twister’s.” (aka: Dos Pollos Hermanos). You don’t get the chance to hobnob with German tourists often in ABQ, and you seemingly can’t throw a rock without hitting one here.  I know, I live down the street.

twisters bb
Often the Germans, and tourists not from Germany, rent their own RVs, scramble out and take photos/selfies in front of this otherwise nondescript fast-food joint. Or they just take the “official RV tour.” It’s a bit of a local mystery, but hey, economic development is economic development.

And it all starts with that PACE bike at the Sonic.

C’mon, I double dog dare somebody to take it for an even deeper SV spin.


3 thoughts on “PACE Bike Share: Making the South Valley YOUR Vacation Destination!

  1. PACE requires an Apple or Android app. I am not an Apple or Android user. PACE (and its customer, the City of Albuquerque) prevent me from using the service, and do so with stellar indifference.


  2. MJH: Very much understood. Having only gotten my first cell phone about a month ago, I feel I’ve very much now become part of the problem you mention. Not having other means to participate in the system is a very definite gap.


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