Better Burque’s “Insta-311” Service: Lead at I-25 Westbound

What’s the collective noun for clothes hangers?

You know, like a “gaggle of geese” or a “murder of crows”? I looked up one such list and found nothing; ergo, BB nominates “entanglement of hangers,” as in the entanglement of hangers discovered lying throughout the bike lane westbound on Lead Avenue under I-25 earlier this early evening.

hangers before
Before BB’s Insta-311 Service: An entanglement of hangers all over the bike lane.

This entanglement was particularly problematic, as: A. You’re flying downhill westbound; B. You can’t make out just what the Hell is lying in the bike lane at speed; C. Hitting what turned out to be an entanglement of hangers would make for a dangerously bouncy situation; D. Choosing to swerve into the right driving lane is always potentially dangerous.

BB thought of just swerving and riding on, trying to remember to “311 it” later, then thought of going back and taking a photo for 311 purposes, then said to Hell with 311, and just:

hangers after
After: Moving the entanglement to the gutter is only a partial solution, but it’s quicker than 311 and one does not want to spend too much time on Lead Avenue westbound under I-25.

Hopefully this entanglement is completely off the road and out of the area soon, and BB might get around “311ing” it later tonight. Until then, maybe at least one rider won’t zoom into an encounter with this entanglement. Unlike coffee, sometimes instant is better with roadway improvements.


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