Cyclist Joseph Fricke Dies From Hit-and-Run Crash Injuries

It’s a brief mention at KOB-TV, only a few words that Joseph Fricke has died.

Struck in early July along Central Avenue by hit & run driver Allen Hackett, Mr. Fricke was horrifically propelled skyward from the crash, as seen in released APD footage. Now, a fortnight later, Mr. Fricke has died.

kob bike
As is often the case, the still image of a indistinctly mangled bike rather innocuously mask the true horror of such crashes. In Mr. Fricke’s case, however, we have the video.

Mr. Hackett allegedly was “high on drugs” as the KOB story tersely states, and his brother referred to mental issues and prescription drugs in an earlier media interview. Who knows how all that, video footage included, will play out in a court of law.

We do know Mr. Fricke has died, however.

Based on prior cases of drivers killing walkers and cyclists on our roads, Mr. Hackett probably unwittingly chose a relatively prison-light way to kill somebody. For instance, driver Michael Penick killed Julio Simeone Martinez while Mr. Martinez was walking near Lomas and San Mateo in October 2016.

Mr. Penick struck a plea deal on charges of Vehicular Homicide and DWI in February. Yesterday, Mr. Penick was sentenced to three years in prison, far less than the ten year maximum for that combination of charges. Human life gets darn cheap when riding or walking our roadways.

Condolences to Mr. Fricke’s relatives and co-workers at Golden Pride. His death is the third New Mexico cycling death of 2018.



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