BB VaguePost #1: Where is This; Why is Riding a Bike There Easy These Days?


Question: Where is this photo of the semi-official Better Burque Staff Mascot “Colgi” taken? And why is it quite a bit easier to ride a road bike/skinny tires there these days?

Hint Photo:

upside down
The place in question in the first photo isn’t far from where this photo is taken. Note brand spanking-new pavement as well as arrow of “trail x-ing” sign making it appear the trail is located several feet above the surface of the Earth. What’s up (so to speak) with this sign?

Any ideas where photo #1 was taken? Any ideas why getting there is easier these days? No, it’s not because of the new paved stretch of the Corrales Drain, which the two riders in Photo #2 have just exited.


Answers to the “above Earth surface arrow”?

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