There Are No South Valley Road Projects, Only Storm Drainage Projects

We’ve been generally missed by the “big rain” down here in the South Valley, although we’ve had measurable precipitation four of the past five days. But that doesn’t often matter when it comes to results like this:

rosendo garcia and atrisco
Rosendo Garcia S.W. at Atrisco, 7.28.18

There are several simultaneous storm drainage projects going on down here, but there are many, many projects left to go. Rosendo Garcia at Atrisco, included.

Wear your gaiters when needed, everybody.
P.S.: Speaking of Monsoons, I did quite of bit of riding in the hail-damaged areas of town today, and there’s quite a bit of debris in many bike lanes (primarily from trees that overhang the lane). One wonders if the City will employ a concerted attack on the problem or rely upon the “let’s wait until the next gully washer to do our work for us” solution. I know which way I’m metaphorically betting.


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