Glorious Socialism: Burque Library Patrons Have Free Home Online Access to NewspaperARCHIVE

by Scot

A few weeks back I mentioned my newfound obsession of as I was looking back at stories surrounding the routing of what became Interstate 25.  Little did I know that you, me and everyone else with a City of Albuquerque library card has free access to a separate newspaper database: NewspaperARCHIVE.

Great googly moogly! And it’s free! All Hail Socialism!

I’m only starting to play around with professionally examine, as a professional researcher who is a professional, the ARCHIVE, but I’m so far finding the scope of New Mexico papers better than For instance, BB readers looking for a good cry can find old Albuquerque Tribune editions. I tear up just thinking about the Trib.

What a chance to invest hundreds and hundreds of time-wormhole hours! And for free!

To get you started, here’s a great triple-header lineup of what was playing at some of the nearly countless Burque drive-in movie houses back in November, 1958.

ABQ Drive-In 1958
“She repaid him with hate that erupts like a volcano of violence.” You don’t say.




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