$5,500 Offered to Help Apprehend Hit-and-Run Driver Who Struck Cyclist

As you probably read elsewhere, Crimestoppers is offering (thanks in large part to an anonymous business donation) $5,500 to anyone with information on the driver who struck and critically injured a cyclist on Yale Blvd. north of Gibson Blvd. Monday.

We mention it here at Better Burque as well because:

  1. We’re mad as hell about the incident and posting this counteracts that feeling of angered helplessness;
  2. Far more importantly, rewards for information on hit-and-run incidents, regardless of victim or victim mode of travel, are rare here, with an unsettling percentage of hit-and-run cases never prosecuted because drivers are never found.

The only details about the perpetrator mentioned in the Crimestoppers news release and press reports are:

“The driver of the vehicle is described to be a skinny Spanish male in his 20’s with black hair,” the news release reads. “The vehicle was last seen headed southbound on Yale crossing Gibson Blvd SE.”

Evidently this bastard got out of his truck, was noted by on-lookers as “skinny,” did nothing to help the victim, got back in the truck, and drove off.


Reducing the high number of hit-and-run incidents in Burque through increased rates of apprehension and prosecution are very much needed. Crimestoppers and particularly the anonymous business donating $5,000 to the cause of finding this bastard are to be commended.




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