Another Burque Hit-and-Run Incident Injures Cyclist

KOB-TV, which has been doing good work in quickly reporting such unfortunate incidents, has the story of cyclist Charles Ingram, who was clipped by a car abruptly turning into Sandia Casino on Tramway/NM-566.

tramway crash

Ingram was able to speak with KOB, despite the fact:

“He slammed so hard against the road, a rock was discovered lodged in his skin.”

The driver’s action was seen by several, but the perpetrator has yet to be caught. That makes at least two bastards who have recently struck cyclists still roaming our streets. No word, yet, on whether Crime Stoppers will put up a reward for information in Ingram’s case; those with information can contact Sandia Pueblo police.

Stay safe out there, everybody.


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