Riding/Taking the Missing Mural Challenge

three halloweens
Don’t know the official name. I call it “Three Halloweens” at Chico and Grove NE. Might be my favorite mural in town, but I haven’t seen them all. Yet.

We at Better Burque became aware of “los muros de burque about a month ago, and, ever since, grand proclamations have been proclaimed by BB staff that we will “ride our bicycle to every single mural on the los muros website in a single day.” You know, a quest. A pointless gesture in that “I will ride to every brewpub in Burque in one day” mixture of bravado, whimsy, and inadequate planning that leads to fun, exhaustion and missions not quite accomplished.

For BB has always lived by the slogan “If something is worth doing, it is surely worth doing badly,” and this bike ride to all the murals idea is a perfect fit for putting that maxim into inadequate execution. Besides, murals are cool and we can argue that Burque has a higher ratio of murals to wall space than any city in the United States. Admittedly, this argument is not based on research, data, or analysis of any kind other than “it sure seems like it,” which, again, perfectly fits our “worth doing/worth doing badly” ethos.

Are you succumbing to it, dear BB reader?

Are you getting a case of “Mural Fever: Catch It!”?

los muros pins
Locations of murals from the los muros website. Yeah, that Taylor Ranch to far NE Heights run won’t be easy. 

One wrinkle in crafting a murals ride has been the realization that los muros doesn’t have all the murals on their map. For instance, the mural photographed atop this post isn’t on the map:

location three halloweens
“Three Halloweens” located in oval area in red; “pinned” mural from los muros website in red square (no, not that Red Square).

No blame or shame here, los muros, Burque has a ton of murals, more than any city in the nation (as grandly stated as fact by BB, without having done any research whatsoever). Hmmm…maybe instead of riding to all the murals ON the map, BB and its huge throng of bicycle riding readers should find the “missing” murals and report them to the los muros folks.

Wow. Doing so would offer the unexpected result of actually doing something productive in a mural ride. We at BB are not sure we’re ready for actually doing something productive, but we’re at least willing to consider the concept.

(pause for considering the concept)

Okay, it’s official.

We’re going to all band together and find/report as many missing murals as we can. In keeping with our ethos and mission, we will most certainly NOT coordinate our work and maximize our efficiency in doing so. Oh, certainly not.

Instead, each of us will ride our bicycle as we consult the los muros map (not simultaneously, please, that would be dangerous) and report either here at BB and/or to los muros directly. Naturally, we have given the los muros folks absolutely no warning/notification that we have accepted this unsolicited challenge and will soon be inundating them with mural reports.

It will be fun. And an excuse for a bike ride or three. And heck, it would even be productive, although the concept of serving a purpose still doesn’t quite sit right with us yet. Maybe we’ll get used to that. Maybe. Needless to say, driving to the murals is strictly forbidden. Non-motorized travel only, although we might make a “transit provision.” The other rules we’ll make up as we go along.

So, have a great weekend everybody! May it be mural-filled and perhaps even productive.






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